Mapa zonas de actuación

LIGHT BLUE, Intelligent Energy Systems, is a Spanish company whose mission is to design, develop, manufacture and install Lighting Systems based on Solar Energy, with Solar Streetlights being the standard bearer of our company.

We are located in the north of Spain, in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the capital of the Basque Country, the nerve centre with regard to technology and the environment.

We are a dynamic team of professionals, pioneers in the installation of solar energy in Spain.

With our solar lamps we provide the solution to the shortcomings in the global market. After years of research, we have obtained a solar streetlight which guarantees light throughout the night.

All our solar lamp models are equipped with a central control panel, patented in February 2013, which continuously analyzes data from the surrounding environment, using it to administer the battery charge to ensure it lasts all through the night.

It is because of this we can claim to have manufactured an intelligent solar streetlight.